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About the Book and How to Order a Copy

This book extensively covers the subject of miniature art tracing the history, etymology and miniature art societies from the earliest beginnings to the present day. Published in conjunction with the Miniature Artists of America’s 25th Anniversary, the book features the work of 53 of the Society’s Signature Members from around the world with their own thoughts on miniatures and on their career. Over 210 photos of miniature art, miniaturists in their studios and exhibitions grace the pages.

Hardback, 6 x 9 inches, 268 pages, 214 color photographs, cited historical quotes pertaining to miniature art

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This book is also available as an ePub Book via the Lulu Store above and at the iBookstore. You may also read the scholarly portions of the book via this blog:

ISBN: 978-0-9821278-3-4

Author: Wes Siegrist

Foreword by: Kay Petryszak

Published by: Wes Siegrist

STATUS: Available at several locations online for free download/reading. Available only from the printer in hardcopy:

The following fifty-three MAA Signature Members are featured inside the book:
Abbott, Beverly – VA 2008
Angelini, John – FL 1986
Argyros, Chrysoula – South Africa 2007
Barnes, Kim – MD 1998
Boyers, Anita – MO 1996
Boyers, Camille – MO 1997
Boyers, Jean – MO 1993
Chadwell, Mary – NV* (Lifetime Member)
Downs, Douglas – CA 1996
Farrell, Alan – England 2005
Friday, Katherine – OR 1992
Ganz, Tykie – FL* (Lifetime Member)
Gruizinga, Fred – Germany 1989
Hamilton, Merril – UT 1990
Hargraves, Charles – Canada 1998
Haynes, Richard – NJ 1987
Hegler, Mimi – MD 2003
Jansen, Kimberly – NM 2006
Kennealy, Charmian – So. Africa 1995
Koenig, Dave – MI 1992
Kouznetsova, Irina – Canada 2009
Laird-Lagassee, Janet – ME 1996
Liverman, Doris – FL 1990
Lubeck, Gerald – VT 1989
MacArgel, Gail – MO 2007
Marsh, Myra – NM 2003
Milhalik, Jane – MD* (Lifetime Member)
Mitchell, Dean – MO 1991
Mullane, Jeanette – OR 2001
Mundy, William P. (Bill) – England 1992
Nece, Melissa Miller – FL 2008
Olson, Demaris – CO 1995
Parker, Colleen – UT 1992
Penn, Ruth – MD 2006
Petryszak, Kay – FL 1990
Pierson, Rosalind – England 2001
Plummer, Carlton – MA 1986
Puttergill, Pat – South Africa 2006
Rockwell, Carol – FL 1996
Rossin, Linda – NJ 2005
Rowsell, Joyce – England 2004
Sellers, H. Francis – UT 2001
Sharbaugh, Evelyn – PA 1998
Siegrist, Rachelle – TN 2004
Siegrist, Wes – TN 2004
Strubel, Klaus – FL 2009
Temple, Violet – Canada 1992
Toole, Lois Salmon – OH 1992
Touliatos, Markissia – FL 2002
Tweed, Charlie – FL 2009
Von Stetina, Laura – FL 1997
Waldron, Wayne – IN 2007
Whitaker, Rita – England 2007
Author Wes Siegrist

Wes Siegrist

  About the Author

Wes Siegrist, alongside his wife, Rachelle, is an American miniature painter.  He currently serves as the Archivist and Historian for the Miniature Artists of America Society.  He is additionally active with other miniature and fine art societies serving on the Board of Directors for the Miniature Artists of America and the Society of Animal Artists.  Siegrist regularly lectures at museums and art centers on the topic of miniature art history and the present scope of the genre.  He and his wife currently have a solo museum exhibition of fifty of their miniature paintings touring museums around the United States.

Wes Siegrist Lecturing on Miniature Art

The author lecturing on miniature art history at the R.W. Norton Art Gallery in Shreveport, LA (May 2010)



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